Have you ever dreamt of living in a Caslte ?

Start Now, Live it !

You deserve it, as everyone does, as long as you feel it is part of your lifestyle.

We provide it to you, at a price you would not believe : generally under the market price per square meter that you would spend for buying a basic apartment in the local area !

This lifestyle stays anyway selective to the genral public. It has to be dedicated to aesthetes, to history lovers, and to respectful and educated people only.

A lifestyle opportunity.

  • 1.

    Offer yourself the DAILY -ELEGANCE.

    Isn't it nice to come back with your car by the main gate, surrounded by trees, smiling every day about your beautifully trimmed garden ?
    Here there is space and safety for your children, they can run in acres of nature. Enjoy your tranquillity by your window, hearing the birds, or on the terrace resting with your cocktail.

  • 2.

    Close to anywhere

    We choose only well-situated properties: well connected to large roads, quickly reaching cities: it is quiet but never too far for your daily life.

  • 3.

    Graceful with no big maintenance-fees.

    It is important to live with beautiful surroundings, but usually harder to maintain it. With ChateauShares Flats, we make the best of both situations.
    Our properties are divided in numerous smaller appartments, to permit everyone to profit of a division of any running cost. Gardens are maintained by two concierges, able to welcome people at the reception-desk, and to organise the cleaning, and take care of everyone's respect inside the property.

Buyers from different horizons, rich all-together.


  • I was dreaming of a better life, more nature-oriented, standing outside noisy cities but not too far from the main shops. Living in a castle parc for the cost of a basic personnal house appeared to me as a dream coming true !

    Maggie Laurel
    Retired Physician

  • Mon épouse et moi nous aimons ce qui a une âme. Nous achetons alors un appartement familial dans lequel nous avons hâte de recevoir notre premier enfant. Etre dans un chateau c'est le foyer idéal pour l'équilibre d'un enfant : il vivra une socialisation progressive et encadrée dans le parc, sera toujours en sécurité pour courir et jouer.

    Juliette et Pascal
    Salariée - Père au foyer et Artiste.

  • To greet our second anniversary, my boyfriend and I decided to buy something together. What could be better than a Caslte ? We still feel so glad to have had this opportunity !

    Martin Dannel et Greg N.
    Steward - Airplane Pilot.

  • Mon mari et moi cherchions notre nid douillet. Nous l'avons trouvé sous les toits d'un Chateau Normand, c'est exactement comme on l'avait voulu : ancien et surplombant la cime des arbres alentours...

    Julia Berzke
    Expert Comptable;