Transform your money into a Castle and generate 50% (up to 100%) Bonuses within 24 months...

A Simple Receipe : Investing in the historic estates left by the richest because of the current financial policies in France, and refused for tourist activities due to the expensive new obligations linked to such business. These properties hit a standstill in the market because no one can really afford it for private use.  Offer yourself these properties at the lowest price, resell the property, and emerge into success after a short 24 months. Full service would be provided by your representative, from research to resell including law orientationsand declarations, you will get the best investments in this current market place.

Investing 'Key in Hand'

You will receive the complete documentation including business plan of the property you have chosen, once you have signed the representation Contract with M. François Xavier Pruvot, and paid your first 8'000 CHF rent, You can valid a buying or not, place an offer, and go for it. Set your own pace by having your representative providing you with a daily to monthly update, as they complete all necessary task on behalf of you. You can sit back and relax, your representative will deal with coordinating the contracts (done by lawyers), the divisions (by experts and professionals), insurances will be taken, and the marketing of the property flats will also be followed up by your representative with his increasing network, linking to your needs. 

Pricing is voluntarily low to catch quickly the middle class local people to but a flat as soon as possible, before they would be attracted by any other house. The price of the flat are lower than the market average, but creates a compelling product for the growing middle class in the local area. This system allows you not to lock an amount of money for too long, and you can reinvest in other properties, or take the benefits if you wish to. You will always be the owner of your property and decide your properties’ destiny. We do care about you investing in stressless opportunities.


Is it in your projects to buy a Superyacht, a master art piece, luxury cars or a Villa for your private use ? To invest in a business, to buy a leisure residence, or to finance any ChateauShares Product ?

As long as you dispose of the cash on any bank account, our partners offer to double it.
Working as a sponsor of your personal projects, our Swiss and English fund-owners are aware for any project of that kind, and have lots of similar experiences, reserved to high-class customer only. They find the extra money by trading and external good investments, and by your side all is under warranty and insured.

These offers are only available for our ChateauShares registered customers, or available for our FXP CONCEPT GROUP's Concierge Service customers.



Do you wish to start investing your money now?You have several options :

  • If you own a fund management company Mr. Pruvot will first explain to you the possibilities with Chateaushares. Then there would be onsite vistis, followed with researches in opportunities and final resale. Over the period of 24 months, he will charge 4000 chf for every million that you have invested. Should the flats are not sold after this period, the contract would continue for free. Contact : fxpsuisse@me.com
  • You are a private investor,
    with 1'500'000 to 3'000'000 CHF to invest

    Similar with the process with fund management company, Mr. Pruvot shall represent you throughout the process with a direct contract. The fee would still be 4000 chf for each million that you have invested. Because you own the property, it gives you the most security to your investment. Flats would then be resold in 24months, increasing your fortune as proposed in our concept. info@chateaushares.com
  • You are a private investor with 3'000'000 CHF or more to invest:
  • Your capital permits you to start immediately with pre-established projects. As a private investor you will buy the property under your own name or under your private company's name. You will make the complete decision for your property with up to 84% bonus after 24 months. We can provide you with the complete package prepared by our lawyers, and you can even just pay 20% cash and the rest with a bank loan if you ensure with your actual fortune staying on an account in any country. Please let us know about your interest : fxpsuisse@me.com